2022-2023 Program Participants

2022-2023 Cohort

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Our students at the Undergraduate Research Symposium

Andrea Morfin

Major: Physics B.S. Sophomore | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Peter J. Chung | Department: Dornsife: Physics & Anatomy | Research Gateway Project: “The Biophysics Behind Alzheimer’s disease: Analyzing the Development of Phosphorylated Tau Protein”
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Carol Alata

Major: Computational Neuroscience | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brian Lee | Department: Keck School of Medicine | Research Gateway Project: Analysis of Gamma Bands
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Blanca Godoy

Major: Political Science- Political Thought| Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang| Department: Dornsife- Political Science | Research Gateway Project: “The Impact of Community Cultural Wealth on Youth’s Ethnic-Racial Identity.”
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Jeremiah Lee

Major: Pharmacology & Drug Development | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Terry David Church | Department: Mann- Pharmaceutical Sciences| Research Gateway Project: “Transgender Inclusion: Language of Gender Eligibility in PrEP Clinical Trials”
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Gabriel Solis

Major: Economics & Mathematics | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alex Miller | Department: Marshall Business Marketing | Research Gateway Project: “The Role of Brand Affinity on Consumers’ Propensity to Accept Cookies”
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Haley Jun

Major: Pharmacology & Drug Development | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul Seidler | Department: Mann- Pharmacology & Pharmaceutical Sciences| Research Gateway Project: Investigating the mechanisms of the Tau protein in Alzheimer’s
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Cain Trevino

Major: American Studies & Ethnicity, Latin American Studies | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Josh Kun | Department: Dornsife- American Studies & Ethnicity | Research Gateway Project: “The Transcultural Influences of Cumbia Rebajada in Texas Borderlands”
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Ariel Ford

Major: Biological Sciences, Regulatory Medicine | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ricky Bluethenthal | Department: Dornsife- Biological Sciences | Research Gateway Project: Substance Abuse Treatment Readiness and Motivation For People Who Inject Drugs: A Review of the Literature
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Za’Keithia Robinson

Major: Psychology | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Stan Huey | Department: Dornsife – Psychology | Research Gateway Project: “Examining Racial Bias Through Disciplinary Decisions”
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