2013-2014 USC McNair Scholar Services!

This year, the USC McNair Scholars Program received a record number of applications from a highly competitive pool of faculty-nominated USC undergraduates representing an astoundingly diverse cross-section of majors, graduate school plans, and research interests. Applications were reviewed by a committee comprised of faculty, deans, provosts, staff and students.

We selected 26 outstanding students for the 2014 Cohort of the USC McNair Scholars Program. At the present time, the program has approximately 50 student participants enrolled at USC; over 320 students have been through the program (all these students have graduated with nearly 75% – 80% going on to graduate school and earning master’s and doctoral degrees). The new students are noted below. Soon we will post on the program website the students’ academic profiles along with their photos. Throughout the Spring Semester, the new McNair Scholars will participate in a series of academic and professional services, including writing and oral communication seminars, graduate school advising and career preparation, research methods workshops and hands-on research training, and coaching on developing research proposals and working with faculty and graduate student mentors.

The Spring program will prepare students for the upcoming intense 2014 Summer Institute, where students will implement their research projects under the guidance of faculty mentors, refine their writing and professional skills sets, and continue preparing for graduate school. Students will also receive competitive scholarships and grants. A select group will present their research at national-level conferences. The USC Office of Undergraduate Programs administers the program with funding from a grant awarded by the U.S. Department of Education, Office of Postsecondary Education.

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