1st Year Curriculum (Spring and Summer)

Undergraduate Research Methods – AMST 392 and Summer Research Institute (SRI)


  • Identify a research topic (questions, methods, and thesis)
  • Develop a relationship with a faculty mentor in your discipline
  • Engage in and composing a literature review
  • Learn how to write a research proposal
  • Identify and select appropriate research methodology
  • Create and present a research proposal (oral/written) which will be carried out during the 10-week Summer Research Institute (SRI)
  • Present research via PowerPoints, poster sessions, and in written form via abstracts and papers


  • January – May: Mentoring from faculty, graduate students and professional staff
  • May – July: USC Summer Research Institute (SRI)
  • July: USC Research Gateway Symposium

2nd Year Curriculum

  • Research Paper Journal Publishing Opportunity
  • Referrals to Research and Funding Programs
  • National Graduate School Fair: California Forum for Diversity in Graduate Education
  • Year-round one-on-one Advising

Detailed Program Component Descriptions

Research Methods Course & Graduate School Preparation Seminar (AMST 392) 

AMST 392 aims to initiate and cultivate each student as a future researcher and scholar who will consider entry into doctoral study. The program prepares students who have self-selected themselves for participation in a summer undergraduate research program at USC or another leading research university. (2-units, course takes place on Tuesday’s from 12:30-1:50pm)

Course Objectives:

  • Organize a research topic and question
  • Learn how to write a research proposal
  • Composing a literature review
  • Learn to use technology in library research

Summer Institute

The Summer Research Institute (SRI), is an intense ten-week program designed to promote research skills and graduate school preparation. During the SRI, scholars work on the research projects that they propose and design under the guidance of faculty mentors and graduate student advisors. Scholars come from virtually all academic disciplines, such as the arts, humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, engineering, public health, and business. Each Scholar is awarded a $2800 research stipend that is disbursed accordingly over the course of the SRI as program requirements are fulfilled. Scholars culminate their SRI experiences by completing a final research paper and presenting their research at the USC Gateway Research Symposium.

Research Symposium

The HP Research Symposium serves as a culmination of the research conducted while enrolled in the Summer Research Institute. Scholars present their research in a conference setting at the end of the program.

Gateway Scholars Resources & Support

The Research Gateway Scholars Program connects participants to a wide variety of skills and support through workshops, access to 1:1 meetings with staff, and resources available to reach success in research!

This is an up-to-date Resources and Support list 2023.

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