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The USC Research Gateway Scholars Program provides research and graduate preparation opportunities to a select group of first-generation college students, populations from low-income households, or underrepresented backgrounds in higher education. A primary objective of the USC Research Gateway Scholars Program is to provide high achieving students from these backgrounds effective preparation for research experiences and graduate study, particularly for doctoral level studies.


Participants are awarded competitive stipends and scholarships throughout their participation in the program. Students acquire mentoring from professors, graduate students, and professional staff members. The USC Office of Undergraduate Programs provides administrative oversight for the program and makes available opportunities for all students to participate in an array of academic, co-curricular, and funding programs. The academic focus of the program complements the services and other resources available to all students through the USC Student Affairs Division. Participating students, referred to as Research Gateway Scholars, begin the program by taking a Research Methods Course in the Spring in preparation for the Summer Research Institute (SRI). Throughout the year, Research Gateway Scholars are advised by USC faculty members, Ph.D. students, program advisors and administrators.

The core components of the USC Gateway Scholars Program include:

  • Spring Research Methods Course
  • Summer Research Institute (SRI)
  • Cohort Residential Life & Cultural Program
  • Annual Research Symposium & Poster Session
  • GRE Test Preparation
  • Travel Grant Awards for Conference Attendance & University Visitations
  • Publication Opportunities in an Undergraduate Journal
  • Year-round Seminar Series
  • Academic & Career Advising

For the latest program announcements, references and news, please review the posts below.  To view each entry, click on the titles or on “read more.”

February 13, 2015

2013-2014 USC McNair Scholar Services!

This year, the USC McNair Scholars Program received a record number of applications from a highly competitive pool of faculty-nominated USC undergraduates representing an astoundingly diverse cross-section of majors, graduate school plans, and research interests. Applications were reviewed by a committee comprised of faculty, deans, provosts, staff and students.
We selected 26 outstanding students for the 2014 Cohort of the USC McNair Scholars Program. At the present time, the program has approximately 50 student participants enrolled at USC; over 320 students

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February 13, 2015

Spring 2013 USC McNair Program Newsletter

Please review our latest USC McNair Scholars Program Newsletter. In this newsletter, you’ll find:

Important program updates
Students recently selected for the program
Students presenting research at conferences and publishing their work
Students acquiring competitive scholarships/fellowships (outside of McNair)
New team member introductions
Student highlights…

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Dr. Richard Andalon, Associate Dean & Director

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