Are you interested in pursuing graduate-level studies, perhaps even a Ph.D. program one day? Are you interested in learning how to conduct formal research and having the opportunity to engage in a real-world research project? Are you interested in receiving mentoring from USC’s outstanding professors and graduate students? Would you like to know what it’s like to be a professor and/or a Ph.D. student?

If so, consider this program! The USC Research Gateway Scholars Program will be recruiting students for the next cohort (2024-2025) in the Fall of 2024 semester. Students selected for the program become eligible for competitive stipends/fellowships. The program prepares students for graduate school, research experiences, faculty mentorships, symposiums, conferences, and publishing opportunities. The program provides professional development and invaluable networking experiences. Since 1996, more than 400 USC undergraduates have participated. Many of these former participants have acquired a graduate-level degree, a good number of them are still pursuing studies at the graduate level, and several have become accomplished professionals.

Now we challenge you to take the next important step in your USC experience by becoming a USC Research Gateway Scholar. We want you to experience the incredible level of academic and professional success that has been experienced by 400 USC undergraduates that have gone through the program. Become part of this Trojan legacy of success!

Program Structure

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Scholar Benefits

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