Gabriel Solis

Major and Classification

Sophomore, Economics & Mathematics

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Alex Miller- Marshall School of Business Marketing Department


Marshall- Business Marketing Department

Research Gateway Project

“The Role of Brand Affinity on Consumers’ Propensity to Accept Cookies”

Project Abstract

Working under Alex Miller, Gabriel’s current research project focuses on the relationship between consumers’ propensity to accept website tracking technologies (e.g., cookies) and their brand affinity. More specifically, Gabriel endeavors to explain how consumers’ propensity to consent to advertising/technology tracking correlates with other primitives of consumer psychology, such as brand affinity and brand perceptions. In this way, if consumers have a greater propensity to consent to more established, larger firms (e.g., Facebook, Amazon, and Google), then these consent mechanisms may inadvertently harm smaller companies and create more disparate inequality in terms of competition. Thus, this research has more significant implications for policymakers who seek to regulate these monopolistic tech companies by ensuring policies account for the market’s smaller and economically less secure players.