Blanca Godoy

Major and Classification

Sophomore, Political Science- Political Thought

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang – Rossier Education, Psychology & Neuroscience


Dornsife – Political Science

Research Gateway Project

“The Impact of Community Cultural Wealth on Youth’s Ethnic-Racial Identity.”

Project Abstract

Blanca will be conducting a qualitative comparative analysis of how students’ Ethnic-Racial Identity (ERI) may change when presented with counter storytelling. The goal is to gauge student’s ethnic-racial identity (ERI) before they participate in USC’s Belonging as Legacy filmmaking class and after they finish the course in order to understand if a student’s perception of their self-concept and efficacy changes when said student acknowledges their community cultural wealth through counter storytelling. Data collection will mainly consist of interviews, journal entries, and the Cross Ethnic-Racial Identity: Adult (CERIS-A) Scale to qualitatively research the impact of counter storytelling as a protective factor in high school students from marginalized communities.