2010 USC Undergraduate Research Journal

We are proud to showcase the scholarly works of USC Undergraduates engaged in research and preparing for graduate school. These exceptional students are USC McNair Scholars. Below you will find the latest journal publications (2010). Please refer to the disclaimer that is noted in the journal and and at the bottom of this webpage. To download and review the journals, please click on the link with the extension .pdf.

Please join us in acknowledging and celebrating the academic achievements of the outstanding students that appear in the journals.


Dr. Richard Andalon, Assistant Dean & Director

Journal Disclaimer: While the McNair Program editors have made every effort to assure a high degree of accuracy, rigor and quality in the content of this journal, the interpretations and conclusions found within each essay are those of the author’s alone and not the McNair Program. Any errors or omissions are strictly the responsibility of each author. Also, please note that the works represented in the journal are from undergraduates learning to conduct and write about research.