B. Iris Verduzco

Major and Classification

Law, History, and Culture

Faculty Mentor

George Sanchez, Ph.D., Departments of History & American Studies and Ethnicity


Dornsife: Law, History, and Culture

Research Gateway Project

“Latin@ Womyn in the Environmental Justice Movement in Los Angeles”

Project Abstract

Mothers of East Los Angeles, Santa Isabel formed in 1986 to address issues that womyn in Boyle Heights were concerned about, such as the safety of their children and families. Mothers of East Los Angeles, Santa Isabel began by tackling the issues of gang abatement and later environmental justice. Through the use of oral history interviews and participant observation, interpreted through the writings of Chican@ feminists, I analyze the motivations and strategies of Latin@ womyn between the ages of 16-26 who are active members of Communities for a Better Environment and East Yard Communities for Environmental Justice. Acknowledging the historical influence of environmental justice organizing, this study identifies the emergence of a generational shift in the motivations and strategies of Latin@ womyn in Southeast Los Angeles. The emergence of this new generation of Latin@ womyn and their organizing strategies demonstrates how the environmental justice movement may be strengthened through the recognition of intergenerational motives. In understanding the generational shift that has occurred in the environmental justice movement it can then be understood how the motivations and strategies of these young Latin@ womyn then transcend into taking these skills and applying them towards other social justice interests.