Michael Grant

Major and Classification

English Literature

Faculty Mentor

Dr. LaVonna Lewis


Price School of Public Policy

Research Gateway Project

“Personal Health Record experiences and barriers to access within larger patient populations. Examining how barriers affect larger well-resourced practices and medical groups”

Project Abstract

Personal Health Records are an increasingly popular tool for sharing healthcare information with patients. These PHR systems are electronic medical records repositories that allow patients to access their health records, past visit information, messaging, prescriptions, and scheduling online. Healthcare providers have used these tools to make information portable and cut cost by facilitating online self-service options for common administrative and retail processes like pharmacy and scheduling. Unfortunately, many vulnerable patient populations are not as likely to use these records. Research has shown that underrepresented minorities and socioeconomically depressed groups have encountered barriers to obtaining adequate healthcare. Barriers to accessing PHR systems are well documented, but few researchers have actively looked for the promoters of health record usage. Our research seeks to identify and expand the PHR systems, Surveys were used to gather self-identified patient experiences. After reviewing PHR experience surveys we have identified several motivating facilitators including illness, physician recommendation, and familiarity with applications. This information is valuable to organizations like Kaiser Permanente who will be better able to increase utilization by having physicians or staff invite patients of all backgrounds to participate.