2020-2021 Cohort

Victor Perez

Major: Neuroscience and Psychology | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jason Zevin | Department: Dornsife | Research Gateway Project: “Speech Perception with Temporally Patterned Noise Makers”
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Leonardo Bautista

Major: Environmental Engineering | Faculty Mentor: Kelly Sanders | Department: Viterbi | Research Gateway Project: “Critical Raw Materials in China and Influence Over Solar Technology Development”
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Jasmine Sanchez

Major: Health and Humanity | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kristy Payne | Department: OT Administration | Research Gateway Project: “Program Development; Child Retention and Application of the Social Emotional Learning Strategies Taught by SOLA Peace Camp”
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Anijah Lezama

Major: Fine Arts | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Emily Zeamer | Department: Dornsife Anthropology | Research Gateway Project: Charts of Endless Knowledge: “Astrology effectiveness on millennial and Gen Z decision making”
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Ashley Perez

Major: Computer Science | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maja Matarić, | Department: Viterbi School of Engineering | Research Gateway Project: “Perceived Empathy of Socially Assistive Robots”
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Maria Jose Gonzalez

Major: Psychology | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mary Helen Immordino-Yang | Department: Rossier School of Education | Research Gateway Project: “Examining Adolescent Wellbeing, Social Connectedness, and Purpose in Life Through Youth Programming that Promotes Narrative Meaning-Making”
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Breece Phipps

Major: Astronautics and Space Tech | Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul David Ronney | Department: Viterbi Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering | Research Gateway Project: “The Navigation and Control of Multiple Satellites in Formation”
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Photo Gallery

Our students at the Undergraduate Research Symposium