July 14, 2016

Current Students

Yaneiry Barrios

Major: Social Sciences Psychology

Department: Psychology

Faculty Mentor: Dr. George Sanchez

Research Gateway Project: The Lasting Effects Of The Guatemalan Genocide




Eloisa Campuzano

Major: Creative Writing
Minor: History

Department: History

Faculty Mentor: Marjorie Becker

Research Gateway Project: Stitching a Community Together: Youth Serving as Agents of Community Transformation




Ronit Farahmandian

Major: Neuroscience

Department: Neuroscience

Faculty Mentor: Jason Kevin





Alfredo Gonzalez Ruiz

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Department: Physics and Engineering

Faculty Mentor: Kaila Rajiv



Karen Kwon

Major: Sociology

Department: Sociology

Faculty Mentor: Leland Tadaji Saito





Fridaouss IkpindiNabine

Major: Public Policy, Planning, and Development 

Department: Public Policy, Planning, and Development 

Faculty Mentor: Morgan Polikoff

Research Gateway Project: Resource Disparity in Rural and Urban Public Education Systems and its Effects on Student Achievement




Cindy Pineda

Major: Public Policy, Planning, and Development Minor: Public Health

Department: Public Policy

Faculty Mentor: Dr. LaVonna Lewis

Research Gateway Project: A Call for Community Planning: The Influence of the Built Environment on Attitudes Towards Education.





Sierra Williams

Major: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Department: Industrial and Systems Engineering

Faculty Mentor: John Carlsson




Mia Yanez

Major: Human Biology

Department: Biological Sciences

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steve Finkel

Gateway Research Project: The Predictability of Antibiotic Susceptibility Using Genetic Mutations in Long Term Stationary Phase Escherichia Coli.