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Mellissa Villafranco

Major: English Literature | Faculty Mentor: Arely M. Zimmerman, Ph.D. | Department: Dornsife: Program for Environmental and Regional Equity | McNair Project: “Spatial Fantasies: Place and Temporality in Mosquita y Mari (2012) Queen Womyn Color in Southeast Los Angeles”

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Mariangela Ruiz-Hernandez

Major: Psychology | Faculty Mentor: Karen Hennigan, Ph.D. | Department: Dornsife: Psychology | McNair Project: “Gang Involvement and the Individual”

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Martin Arredondo

Major: Human Biology | Faculty Mentor: Andrew Gracey, Ph.D. | Department: Dornsife: Marine Environmental Biology | McNair Project: “Effects of Temperature on Tidal Gene Expression Rhythms in Mytilus californianus”

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Luis Torres

Major: Biomedical Engineering | Faculty Mentor: Ellis Meng, Ph.D. | Department: Viterbi: Biomedical Engineering | McNair Project: “Maximizing Voltage Inductance in Battery-less Biomedical Devices”

LaVasjah Williams

Major: Communication | Faculty Mentor: Michelle Gordon, Ph.D. | Department: Dornsife: English and Gender Studies | McNair Project: “Existing in the Margins of the Past: The Portrayal of Black Women in Reality TV”

Kim Luong

Major: Business Administration | Faculty Mentor: Michael Nichol, Ph.D. | Department: Marshall: Accounting | McNair Project: “The Effect of Narcissistic Tendencies in CEO on Accounting Fraud”

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Frederick Brindopke

Major: Global Health | Faculty Mentor: Michael Nichol, Ph.D. | Department: USC School of Pharmacy | McNair Project: “MRSA Prevention, Practice, and Policy: A Case Study Approach”

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Eva Ortega

Major: Psychology | Faculty Mentor: Kate Crowley, Ph.D. | Department: Ostrow: Occupational Therapy | McNair Project: “Autism, play, and inclusive environments”

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Christopher Sandino

Major: Electrical Engineering | Faculty Mentor: Krishna S. Nayak, Ph.D. | Department: Dornsife: Viterbi: Electrical Engineering | McNair Project: “Flexible Dynamic 2-D Cardiac Phantoms for Evaluating MRI Data Acquisition and Reconstruction Methods”