Dolores Ortiz

Major and Classification Psychology/Sociology Faculty Mentors Professor Pierette Hondagneu-Sotelo Department Sociology McNair Project Chicana Sexuality: Real Choices, Real Voices.

Nelly Nieblas

Major and Classification Policy, Planning Development Faculty Mentors Professor Lavonna Blair Lewis Department Policy, Planning Development McNair Project NONE

Ursula Medellin

Major and Classification Public Policy/management Faculty Mentors Professor Elizabeth A. Graddy Department Public Policy McNair Project The Non Emerging Partnership.

Lusine Khachoyan

Major and Classification Gerontology/ Computer Science Faculty Mentors Professor Ann Majchrzak Department Marshall School of Business McNair Project Effectiveness of Knowledge Transfer in Enterprise Resource Planning Software Projects and its Impact on success.

Amy Hays

Major and Classification Electrical Engineering Faculty Mentors Professor Martin A. Gunderson Department Engineering McNair Project Radiation-Induced Flows and Transport(RIFT)

Giovanna Costa

Major and Classification Critical Studies of Cinema Faculty Mentors Professor Drew Casper Department Critical Studies of Cinema McNair Project The Other Side of the Coin: Political Correctness in Cinema.

Margaret Clark

Major and Classification Sociology Faculty Mentors Professor Ransford Department Sociology McNair Project Gender Differences in the Relationship Between The Division of Housework and Childcare and Maritial Satisfaction.

Allen Chavez

Major and Classification Spanish/Communication Faculty Mentors Professor Mario Saltarelli Department Spanish McNair Project Crime in the Media: Comparison Between English and Spanish Language Television Newscasts.

Bernice Alegria

Major and Classification Psychology Faculty Mentors Professor Laura Baker Department McNair Project The IQ -Delinquency Relationship Across All Levels of SES.

Eugenia Abraira Victoria

Major and Classification Biological Sciences Faculty Mentors Professor John Petruska Department Biology McNair Project Development of Multiple Innervation of Skeletal Muscle In the Frog.