Lusine Khachoyan

Major and Classification Gerontology/ Computer Science Faculty Mentors Professor Ann Majchrzak Department Marshall School of Business McNair Project Effectiveness of Knowledge Transfer in Enterprise Resource Planning Software Projects and its Impact on success.

Janis Ortega

Major and Classification Public Relations Faculty Mentors Professor Priscilla Wohlstetter Department Rossier School of Education McNair Project Charter Schools; What is the Concept and Who Are the Teachers.

Carina Zaragoza

Major and Classification French/Italian/ Comparative Literature Faculty Mentors Professor Roberto Ignacio Diaz Department Literature McNair Project No Nos Ven Pero We Exist: Tropicalization and the Creation of Cultural Identity/Voice/Space.

Claudia Valencia

Major and Classification Psychology Faculty Mentors Professor Margo Apostolos Department School of Theater. McNair Project Flow. Exploring a Channel of Self-Improvement Among Dance Performers

Daniel Turner-Lloveras

Major and Classification Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty Mentors Professor Alessandra Conforto Department Medicine McNair Project Incidence of Electrocardiographic Left Ventricular Hypertrophy In Patients Admitted to the Chest Pain Unit.

Thien-Tam Tran

Major and Classification International Relations Faculty Mentors Professor David Andrus Department International Relations McNair Project Bought and Sold: A Femenist Analysis & Theory Formation of Sex Trafficking in Women and Girls.

Sarah Shewey

Major and Classification Communications Faculty Mentors Professor Stephen O’Leary Department Communications McNair Project The Structure of Symbols

Dinah Perez

Major and Classification Spanish Faculty Mentors Professor Maria Teresa Zubiaurre Department Spanish McNair Project NONE

Yvonne Ortiz

Major and Classification American Studies Faculty Mentors Professor Fener/Jim Kincaid Department Writing McNair Project Lolita: Ceonstructing the Nymphet.

Jamie Ortiz

Major and Classification Psychology Faculty Mentors Professor Adrian Raine Department Psychology McNair Project Running Head: Cooke and Startle: Cook’s Three Factor Model of Psychology and Startle Blink Modulation.