Armen Margarian

Major and Classification Business Administration Faculty Mentors Professor Roberto Diaz Brinton Department Medicine McNair Project Which Estrogen Replacement Therapy is the Most Effective and Relatively Safe for Women Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease

Zintesia Page

Major and Classification Psychology Faculty Mentors Professor Gerald Davison Department Psychology McNair Project The Implications of Sociobiology in Relation to Choice Making and Safe Sex Pracitces

Amon Millner

Major and Classification Computer Science Faculty Mentors Professor Mansour Rahimi Department McNair Project A Study of Key Contributors to User-frinedly Applications: Implementing Task Analysis in the Application Design Process

Daniel Prince

Major and Classification Broadcast Journalism Faculty Mentors Professor Sarah Baret- Neiser Department Annenberg School of Communication McNair Project Black Masculinity: From Ministrelsy to Rhythm and Poetry

Jason Sheley

Major and Classification Philosophy Faculty Mentors Professor Howard Gillman Department Political Science McNair Project A Comparative Study of Minority Group Rights in the Constitutions of South Africa and the United States of America

Ana Rosas

Major and Classification American Studies and Ethnicity Faculty Mentors Professor George Sanchez Department History McNair Project Unwanted Americans Repatition in 1930’s.

Mary Jill Toledo

Major and Classification Biomedical Engineering Faculty Mentors Professor Henry Jay Forman Department Pharmaceutical Sciences McNair Project Alveolar Macrophage Respiratory Burst on Heparinized vs. Siliconized Surface

Orlando Villalba

Major and Classification Business Administration Faculty Mentors Professor Krishna Kumar Department Business Economics McNair Project None

Don Truong

Major and Classification Biology Faculty Mentors Professor Julie Kay Andersen Department Gerontology/ Biology McNair Project The Effects of GSH on Ubiquination

Takiyah Wilson

Major and Classification Psychology Faculty Mentors Professor Lynn Carol Miller Department Psychology McNair Project Introducing Microbicides to Prevent HIV for high Risk African American Women: Do hierarchical messages work?