Karina Mendoza

Major and Classification History Faculty Mentors Professor James Kincaid Department English McNair Project The Complexities in Autobiographical Story Telling: A Case Study of I, Rigoberta Menchu

Maggie Ateia

Major and Classification Psychology Faculty Mentors Professor Gerald Davison Department Psychology McNair Project The Origins of Aggressive Behavior in Children

Silvia Aviles

Major and Classification English (American Literature) Faculty Mentors Professor Phillipa Levine Department History McNair Project Health and Politics: A Case Study of Nicaragua

Nadia Bijaoui

Major and Classification Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Studies Faculty Mentors Department McNair Project Flexibilty and Wellness: The Ultimate Mind/Body Connection

Crystal Balthrop

Major and Classification Psychology Faculty Mentors Professor Sharon Valente Department Nursing McNair Project Transcultural Health Care Models: Are They Adequate in Treating Ethnically Diverse Populations

Anna Gasparyan

Major and Classification Psychobiology Faculty Mentors Professor Julie Anderson Department Neurogerontoloty Division of Gerontology McNair Project Parkinson’s Disease

Desiree Campos

Major and Classification Political Science Faculty Mentors Professor George Sanchez Department Political Science McNair Project The Salience of Race: Public Policy v. Social Reality

Antonio Gonzalez

Major and Classification Electrical Engineering (Computers) Faculty Mentors Professor Victor K. Prasanna Department Electrical Engineering McNair Project Improving Cache Performance in Computing FFT’s on PC’s

Renata Leao De Aquino Vega

Major and Classification International Relations Faculty Mentors Professor Dave Andrus Department McNair Project Sexual Behavior of American Vacationers Traveling Without Partners

Ajia Johnson

Major and Classification Business Administration Faculty Mentors Professor Professor Thomas Gustafson Department American Studies McNair Project The Historical Context of Female Authors: An Analysis of the Critical Works of Rachel Carson and Elizabeth Wurtzel