Victoriano Mehia

Major and Classification International Relations Faculty Mentors Department McNair Project Re-thinking NAFTA: A Model for the Free Trade Area of the Americas?

Mako Fitts

Major and Classification Political Science Faculty Mentors Professor Pamela Porter Department Center for Black Cultural & Student Affairs McNair Project Black Feminism: A Historical Perspective on the Representation and Social Activism of Black Women in America

Sharon Yegianian

Major and Classification Biological Sciences Faculty Mentors Professor Stanley Makoto Tahara Department Molecular Biology & Immunology Keck School of Medecine McNair Project Construction of the Reporter Gene GFP Helps in Studying Post-transcriptional Gene-regulation

Michelle Bernhardt

Major and Classification Aerospace Engineering Faculty Mentors Professor Mike Grubtman Department Aerospace Engineering McNair Project Designing an Orbit for the USC Student Micro-Satellite

Reni Schimmoeller

Major and Classification Environmental Science/Biology Faculty Mentors Professor Anthony Michaels Department Biology McNair Project Biotic and abiotic environmental factors influencing the dynamics of Catalina Harbor

Marvin Andrade

Major and Classification International Relations Faculty Mentors Professor Abraham Lowenthal Department Social Sciences McNair Project Colombia: Another Dirty War

Maritza Cardenas

Major and Classification Comparative Literature Faculty Mentors Professor Margaret Rosenthal Department McNair Project Sink or Swim: An in depth look at the evolution of an undergradutate’s first time experience in academic research

Maribel Heredia

Major and Classification Psychology Faculty Mentors Professor David Schwartz Department Psychology McNair Project Paraprofessionals in Mental Health

Malaika Marable

Major and Classification Sociology Faculty Mentors Department McNair Project

Kalunda Jenkins

Major and Classification English/ Creative Writing Faculty Mentors Department McNair Project Audre Lorde