Otilia Manzo

Major and Classification Mathematics Faculty Mentors Professor Kathleen Wulf Department School of Education McNair Project Minority Students’ Access to Advanced Science Courses in the Los Angeles Unified School District

Frank Maldonado

Major and Classification Architecture Faculty Mentors Professor Marc E. Schiler Department School of Architecture McNair Project A Ratio of Potential Visual Discomfort, Lighting: The Comfort Ratio.

Annie Lee

Major and Classification Biology Faculty Mentors Professor Richard F. Thompson Department Biology McNair Project The Effects of Pregnenolone in Eyeblink Conditioning of Rabbits

Terry Haliburton

Major and Classification Gerontology Faculty Mentors Professor Roseann Giarusso Department Gerontology McNair Project Parenting and Co-Parenting of Grandchildren: Effects on Grandparent’s Well-Being and Family Solidarity

Robin Griffin

Major and Classification Gerontology Faculty Mentors Professor Thomas H. McNaill Department Gerontology McNair Project Animal Model of Cholinergic Cell Loss For the Study of Alzheimer’s Disease

Ivana Gomez del Campo

Major and Classification Environmental Studies Faculty Mentors Professor Sheldon Kamieniecki Department Environemntal Studies McNair Project An Analysis of the Forces Shaping Air Quality Management in the South Coast Air Basin

Christine Garcia

Major and Classification Psychology Faculty Mentors Professor Jo Ann Farver Department Psychology McNair Project Influences on Teenage Pregnancy

Michelle Dias

Major and Classification Engineering Faculty Mentors Professor Pirbazari Department Engineering McNair Project Advanced Membrane Pocess For Drinking Water Treatment

Peter Chan

Major and Classification Chemical Engineering Faculty Mentors Professor Charles E. McKenna Department Engineering McNair Project The Effects of Metal Cation on Troika Ester Hydrolysis

Jorge Caceres

Major and Classification Planning & Development Faculty Mentors Professor Tridib Banerjee Department Urban Planning McNair Project Affordable Housing in Transit Oriented Districts