Nicole Marcione

Major and Classification

Gerontology Lifespan Health

Faculty Mentor

Natalie Leland, Ph.D.


Occupational Therapy

McNair Project

“Scoping Review: Sleep Interventions and Ethnically Diverse Older Adults”

Project Abstract

Sleep disorders are becoming a serious public health concern among older adults. Studies have linked sleep quality with an increased risk of premature death, cognitive impairment, mortality and chronic health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Many minority older adults suffer disproportionately from both chronic medical conditions and poor sleep, when compared to their White counterparts. This project presents a scoping review of current research literature focusing on sleep interventions and older adults. This review identifies four main interventions (cognitive behavioral therapy, physical activity, sleep hygiene and multicomponent interventions) that resulted in better sleep outcomes among older adults. Although the strategies incorporated within the various interventions in this review were effective and within the scope of practice for occupational therapy practitioners, none of them were directed by an occupational therapist. While research documenting the efficacy of sleep interventions with older adults was identified, very little research included a minority older adult population. Occupational therapy can certainly fill this need to address sleep interventions for ethnically diverse older adults.