Luis Torres

Major and Classification

Biomedical Engineering

Faculty Mentor

Ellis Meng, Ph.D.


Viterbi: Biomedical Engineering

McNair Project

“Maximizing Voltage Inductance in Battery-less Biomedical Devices”

Project Abstract

Specific ocular diseases are so invasive that treatment methods need to be as precise as possible so that surrounding tissue is not damaged. Companies have developed one-time-use drug delivery devices with factory set flow-rates and bulky batteries. The large size of these devices becomes problematic when implanting these devices in areas like the eye to treat glaucoma. Our Bio-MEMS laboratory at USC is working on a miniscule drug delivery device that does not include a battery, but instead uses inductive transmission. Inductive transmission proves to be a great option when trying to power battery-less biomedical devices. Problems arise when changing the orientation and angles at which the receiving coils are placed relative to the transmitting coils. Our research indicates that the receiving coils pick up the most voltage when placed at 45 degree angles relative to the transmitting coil.