Calvin Boyd II

Major and Classification

B.S. Architectural Studies, Psychology Minor

Faculty Mentor

Dr. Lauren Matchison


School of Architecture

Research Gateway Project

“Architectural Practice vs. Pedagogy: How Research Will Bridge the Gap”

Project Abstract

Historically, architectural academies and the profession of architecture have been subjected to contrasting driving forces, which have allowed them to exist as separate entities. However, this gap between pedagogy and practice has become detrimental as the increased production of specialized buildings (e.g., healthcare and education facilities) has caused (1) certain structures to fall beyond the average architect’s level of expertise, and consequently, (2) architects’ significance within the construction industry to be brought into question. As a result, architectural practitioners have begun to consider research, especially evidence-based design research (EBD), as a remedy to the various design challenges facing our profession today; however, the architectural academy does not seem to be doing the same. The aim of this study is to assess architecture’s professional and educational landscapes in regards to research in order to make a case for research becoming an integral part of architectural education, specifically the dominant Bachelor of Architecture degree program.