Angel Njenga

Major and Classification

International Relations

Faculty Mentor

Carol Wise, Ph.D.


Dornsife: International Relations

McNair Project

“Sino-Angolan Relations, 2002-2012: A New Age of Imperialism?”

Project Abstract

Since the early 2000s, China has committed over $210 billion to trade throughout the African continent – the majority of which has been dedicated to resource extraction. China’s rising level of economic engagement with resource rich African countries, such as Angola, has sparked much debate over Beijing’s intentions. Is China a strategic partner in Africa or is the economic superpower engaging in a new form of imperialism? This project seeks to contribute to the discussion by examining China’s impact on development in its largest African trading partner, Angola. Utilizing official country data and various databases, this study investigates what impact Sino-Angolan economic relations had on education in Angola from 2002-2012. Findings reveal a wide gap in recorded data related to Sino-Angolan relations. Thus, there are vast limitations in accurately measuring China’s impact on development in Angola. This study and future discussion’s related to Sino-Angolan relations require increased transparency in China’s economic relations and more information accessibility from the Angolan government.