Nabila Jahan

Major and Classification


Faculty Mentors

  • William Steier, Ph.D.
  • Satsuki Takahashi, Ph.D.


  • Electrical Engineering/Electrophysics

McNair Project

Because of its sensitivity to electric fields and ability to withstand electromagnetic pulse attacks, Titanium indiffused Lithium Niobate waveguide has been a reasonable choice to be used as a Fabry-Perot resonant modulator (as electric field sensors) in non-metal radio frequency receivers. In this paper, the device demonstration of a previously fabricated Titanium indiffused Lithium Niobate waveguide as an electro-optic Fabry-Perot resonant modulator is discussed, alone with a brief discussion of the use and the fabrication process of the device. Due to power loss, the intensity of the laser light output through the device becomes significantly lower than the input, which deteriorates the performance of the device. As a measurement of the performance of the device as a Fabry-Perot resonator, the power loss is observed, and the laser light output intensity vs. wavelength spectrum is analyzed in comparison to the theoretical spectrum of an ideal Fabry-Perot resonator of similar features.