Eric Zuniga

Major and Classification

Biomedical Engineering

Faculty Mentor

  • James Weiland, Ph.D.


  • Biomedical Engineering

McNair Project

“Implementation of the Sobel Operator Algorithm :For Real – Time Edge Detection”

A retinal prosthesis is being developed to restore partial sight for blind patients who suffered from diseases such as retinitis pigmentosa. A major component of the prosthesis includes a digital processing system that receives video frame images for processing purposes. Current challenges in digital image processing include selecting the most efficient algorithms that replicate some of the basic functions of the retina. This article focuses on determining algorithms for the edge detection of images. The challenge is to not only determine what type of image processing algorithms can be used for the edge detection of images, but also conclude which of these can be executed in real – time by the Digital Signal Processor (DSP). A detailed analysis of the efficiency of the algorithm is provided as well as suggestions for future research in this field.