Danyel Madrid

Major and Classification

Art History

Faculty Mentor

  • Gloria Orenstein, Ph.D.


  • Comparitive Literature

McNair Project

“Moving in the Magnetic Field: Joan Miro and the Perforated Line in his Surrealist Paintings”

Joan Mir, a Catalonian artist, had a full and exceedingly rich artistic career. He produced some of the most recognized and cherished works in modern art. Mir is renowned for his oil paintings created 1923 to 1927, which coincided with his affiliation with the French Surrealists. At this time, Mir depicted perforated lines in a large number of his Surrealist paintings. The perforated line can be categorized by their two-dimensional, three-dimensional, and temporal function. I shall go into great depths to emphasize the importance of Mir’s depiction of implied duration as it parallels the liminal nature of Catalonian folklore.