Margaret Rhee

Margaret Rhee

Major and Classification

Creative Writing

Faculty Mentors

  • Professor Walter Williams


McNair Project

“Attitudes Towards Homosexuality: Examining GLBT Media Portrayal in Korean American Media”

Understanding cultural attitudes regarding homosexuality in the Korean American community provides insight into how individuals are welcomed into or are left on the periphery of an ethnically defined society. The media has long been defined as that which transmits the social heritage of one generation to the next. Moreover, ethnic media has been formed to deal with the impending lack of fair coverage of different ethnic and minority groups in mainstream media. The purpose of this study is to examine through textual analysis how gay and lesbian materials are depicted in a leading Korean American media publication, KoreAm Journal. The objective of the paper is to offer insight into what factors contribute to the marginalization of gays and lesbians in the Asian American community.