Robert Green

Major and Classification

Art History

Faculty Mentors

  • Professor Todd Olson


  • Art History

McNair Project

The Irascibly Resilient Mr. Punch

This research broadly examines the evolution of heroic national symbols of America and Great Britain by exploring imagery of Uncle Sam; The Statue of Liberty; Britannia; The British Lion; and, most specifically, Mr. Punch who began as a circus oddity. Eventually, the artists and editors of Punch Magazine: The London Charivari (1841-1996), transformed Punch into a mouth-piece for the masses of Great Britain at the height of the Victorian Age and English imperialism. This project will investigate similarities and distinctions between the aforementioned symbols, using quantitative/qualitative methods. Ultimately, this historical investigation delves into . the intriguing and unexpected pasts of these caricatures that have become socially positioned as inspirational icons