John Russell

Major and Classification

Broadcast Journalism, Political Science

Faculty Mentors

  • Professor Mary Dudziak


  • Law School

McNair Project

“Examining the trade agreement between U.S. and sub-Sahara Africa”

At the birth of the new millennium, the U.S. and sub-Sahara Africa opted to develop ties with each other after centuries of estrangement. In 2000, both parties entered into a trade agreement, which is lauding approval as the most generous trade arrangement given by the U.S. to any trading partner. However, this paper will examine this bill closer and prove that this Act is not an act of kindness is a scheme of neo-colonialism. I will define the term neo-colonialism, give a brief overview of the Act, and prove why sub-Sahara Africa should steer clear of this deal, if it has any aspirations of developing in the new millennium.