Karla Barron

Major: Sociology and Latin American Studies

Department: Sociology

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jody Agius Vallejo

Research Gateway Project: From College to Career: The Transitional Experience for First Generation Latina College Students at USC


Calvin Boyd II

Major: Architectural Studies Major, Psychology Minor

Department: School of Architecture

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lauren Matchison

Research Gateway Project: Architectural Practice vs. Pedagogy: How Research Will Bridge the Gap


Denisse Carrasco 

Major: Psychology

Department: Psychology

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Frank Manis

Research Gateway Project: California’s Education Disconnect with ELL Students



Genesis Casco

Major: Biochemistry

Department: Dornsife, Biochemistry

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Caleb E. Finch, Davis School of Gerentology

Research Gateway Project: Effects of Age, Sex, and Genetics on Aβ Regulation in Transgenic Mice




Chris Cervantes

Major: Gender Studies and Sociology

Department: Gender Studies

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Messner

Research Gateway Project: Transformative Justice: Alternatives to Responding to Sexual Violence



Sabrina Enriquez

Major: Mathematics (Major) & Human Rights (Minor)

Department: Mathematics

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Francis Bonahon

Research Gateway Project: Investigating the lengths of simple closed curves on the once-punctured torus


Michael Flores 

Major: Political Science

Department: Political Science

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jefferey Fields

Research Gateway Project: Response of the U.S. government to the challenges posed by ISIS’ use of Twitter to recruit American sympathizers


Adam Gonzales

Major: Psychology

Department: Psychology

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Darby Saxbe

Research Gateway Project: Prenatal Anxiety and Relationship Satisfaction of First Time Parents



Michael Grant

Major: English Literature

Department: Price School of Public Policy

Faculty Advisor: Dr. LaVonna Lewis

Research Gateway Project: Personal Health Record experiences and barriers to access within larger patient populations. Examining how barriers affect larger well-resourced practices and medical groups


Jamie Huang

Major: Biological Sciences

Department: Dornsife, Biological Sciences

Faculty Advisor: James Boedicker, PhD., Department of Physics and Astronomy and Biological Sciences

Research Gateway Project: Bacterial Interactions in a Multi-Species Community


Mona Karim

Major: Biological Sciences

Department: Dornsife, Biological Sciences

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Brad Foley

Research Gateway Project: Reverse Learning in Drosophila Melanogaster



Juan Martinez

Major: Civil Engineering

Department:Civil and Environmental Engineering

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kelly Sanders

Research Gateway Project: Metro Gold Line Accessibility and the Influence of the Built Environment

Eilen Mena

Major: Fine Arts (Major) & Urban Planning (Minor)

Department: Public Policy & Urban Planning

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lavonna Lewis (Sol Price School of Public Policy)

Research Gateway Project: Ways in which immigrant populations, specifically in the African diaspora affect the food systems of historically predominantly African American communities in Los Angeles and New York


Natalie Solis

Major: Religion

Department: Sociology

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Joseph Palacios

Research Gateway Project: Creating Sacred Space: The Influence of our Lady of Guadalupe in Boyle Heights



Anthony Zelaya-Umanzor

Major: Psychology

Department: Psychology

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Stanley Huey

Research Gateway Project: Encouraging Classroom Attendance and Engagement in College Students: The Effect of Cognitive dissonance intervention